First General Toronto, Your First Call in an Emergency | EMERGENCY & SAFETY TIPS
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First Action Services
FGS 24/7 Emergency Line

What you can do in the meantime
to manage your property damage emergency

Water Damage

  • Locate the source of water escape and have the problem repaired immediately by shutting off the main water supply
  • Make sure all drains are clear
  • Remove any excess water with appropriate water extraction equipment
  • Remove any possessions in the path of the water. Wipe water from any affected possessions and move onto protective sheets to minimize further damage
  • In the summer, turn on the air-conditioning to maximize drying potential.
  • Do not utilize any electronic appliances
  • Do not consume food items exposed to water
  • Move all pets to a clean environment

Fire/Smoke Damage

  • Make sure ventilation system is off except when temperature is below freezing (32F)
  • Wipe off any polished surfaces affected by smoke
  • Open windows to ventilate if possible
  • Move all pets to a clean environment
  • Do not use any electrical appliances or devices until they have been cleaned and checked
  • Empty your refrigerator or freezer completely if the electricity is down
  • Do not attempt to wash surfaces
  • Close doors in affected areas to localize smoke odors
  • Do not consume food items exposed to fire or smoke
  • When temperatures are below freezing (0C) pour anti-freeze in toilet bowls, sinks and tub if heat is off
  • Stay out of all impacted rooms until safety is assured

Wind Damage

  • Have professional roofers remove loose debris and secure openings in the roof to minimize water entry

Vehicle Impact and Vandalism

  • Evacuate affected areas and prohibit access
  • Hire a professional to ensure property is stable before re-entering

Catastrophic Storms

  • Use all resources to find trained professional to help
  • Exercise patience as there are many others just like you in the same situation